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After smoking for over 30 years without attempting to quit, and witnessing his partner Louise's failed attempts to stop smoking, the narrator decided to give e-cigarettes a try. They initially used the e-cigarette while using the computer, as they were used to smoking continuously. The narrator used to smoke a 50g pouch of tobacco every day by rolling it themselves and using standard filters, so they were quite fond of smoking. While using the e-cigarette, the narrator continued to smoke regular cigarettes and always kept them on hand. They used e-liquid with a strength of 24mg, and would switch between smoking a regular cigarette and using the e-cigarette. Gradually, they started to prefer the e-cigarette and even missed it when smoking regular cigarettes. As weeks went by, they found themselves using the e-cigarette more and more, to the point where they went to work one day without any regular cigarettes and never looked back. The narrator emphasizes that everyone is different when it comes to quitting smoking, but for them, having a good battery, tank, and high-quality e-liquid made all the difference. They had doubts about quitting at first, thinking that they were a grown man who could smoke if they wanted to, but they were surprised by how natural the transition to vaping felt. They actually found vaping to be more satisfying than smoking real cigarettes. Now, the narrator owns a vape store in Barmouth, a seaside town in North Wales. They offer a wide range of juices and liquids from top manufacturers, carefully sourced and approved by themselves. Only the best wholesalers are used, ensuring that all products are genuine and not cheap imitations. The store takes pride in providing excellent customer service and is always willing to help in any way they can. They strive to stock the latest products and kits, along with popular favorites.

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