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Clyst Saint Mary, England, United Kingdom, EX5 1BR

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InfiLife CBD


Clyst Saint Mary



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INFILIFE was established in response to the infiltration of low-quality and low-dose CBD products in the UK market, which caused confusion among uninformed consumers. Infilife has obtained award-winning, highly pure CBD isolate in crystal form, with a laboratory analysis confirming its purity at over 99.9%. The hemp used by Infilife is grown organically under the natural California sunshine. At Infilife, we prioritize maintaining the highest quality control and testing standards, ensuring that none of our products contain heavy metals, residual solvents, or any other harmful substances. In contrast to many CBD brands, we take pride in what we exclude from our CBD range, ensuring no unpleasant tastes or the typical earthy flavors associated with standard hemp oil. You can rest assured that every item in our CBD collection is free from THC, GMOs, gluten, dairy, nuts, chemicals, and any presence of hexane or solvents, unless otherwise stated. Unlike most CBD companies, Infilife is a member of the Cannabinoid Trust. Through third-party lab testing and batch coding, we can provide our consumers with detailed information about the contents of our products. This way, you can confidently consume something that offers amazing benefits without any harmful substances.

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