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Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

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Hemx Ltd





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Hemx is a UK-based CBD company that offers organic, recyclable, and eco-friendly CBD products to ease your pains and worries. Their mission is to share the benefits of CBD with as many people as possible by making their products affordable and accessible. CBD has numerous benefits such as relieving pain, reducing depression and anxiety, and helping with skin conditions like acne. It also supports heart health and aids in sleep. Hemx's goal is to establish a sustainable and trusted business where consumers are satisfied with their products. They believe CBD is the future of modern medicine and treat nature with respect, ensuring their CBD is organically grown through sustainable farming methods. Their CBD oil undergoes a patented purification extraction process and is third-party tested for consistency and quality. Hemx is committed to reducing packaging waste and providing recyclable options. Their Zero THC CBD is legally available in the UK as a non-psychoactive food supplement.

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