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Hempowered Cosmetics Limited





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Craig Gillon, the founder of Hempowered Cosmetics, launched the company in July 2020. He has been interested in hemp and has been taking CBD oil for his mental health for the past three years. After discovering the numerous benefits of CBD and hemp, Craig began researching and developing hemp and CBD cosmetics. He wanted to create products that used natural and organic ingredients and a brand that reflected the sleek and clean qualities of the ingredients. Craig is deeply passionate about Hempowered and is dedicated to providing high-quality cosmetics that live up to their promises. He ensures that all products are manufactured in accordance with the company's values. As the company continues to grow, Craig is committed to fulfilling the promises made in alignment with the company's vision, mission, and values. Hempowered Cosmetics Limited owns the registered trademark for Hempowered.

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