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Eglinton, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, BT47

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+44 28 7187 9525

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Hemp is a widely used and versatile crop that has many industrial uses. Its fibres are strong and durable, making it a popular choice. For thousands of years, the buds and flowers of hemp have been used as medicine, and the seeds are considered highly nutritious. What's great about hemp is that it grows naturally without the need for harmful chemicals. Hempful was created with the aim of developing this incredible crop. At Hempful, our mission is to research, develop, educate, and provide sustainable and innovative hemp-based health foods, supplements, and personal care products. We are committed to supporting the global demand for a cleaner and healthier world. In 2016, Hempful began working with partners from the UK and Europe to achieve our goals. We collaborated with industry experts and developed our core product. We have also formed strong relationships with independent hemp farmers who only grow sustainable crops. Hempful is proud to offer the highest quality hemp products on the market. Our focus is on hemp food, which is both free from allergenic ingredients and packed with nutrients. Our range is expanding each year due to growing demand. We take pride in the positive impact our products have on our customers and the environment.

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