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Kingdom Street, London, England, United Kingdom, W2 6

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+44 749 805 4729

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Goodrays CBD





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At Goodrays, they are redefining the future of wellness with the world's most misunderstood plant. Their premium CBD drinks, CBD oils, and CBD gummies offer delicious flavors and genuine relaxation benefits with the UK's most effective doses. They invite you to explore the art of relaxation across their full range. You can enjoy the UK's most premium CBD seltzers, which are made with 30mg of calming CBD grown in Colorado. These refreshing and delicious drinks have sophisticated fruit flavors infused with botanical cannabis notes. Each serving of Goodrays contains 30mg of safety-tested CBD and a daily dose of Vitamin D, making it the most effective and high-quality product available. It contains no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, only 33 calories, and is 100% vegan. For calm and a good night's sleep, they offer Zen Drops and Night Drops. These effective formulas are easy to dose and have no aftertaste. They are made with the finest sustainably grown-CBD and are designed to be part of your daily and nightly routine. Goodrays also offers 25mg natural CBD gummies that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. These gummies are your reliable support to maintain composure throughout the day, helping you stay balanced, relaxed, and focused. Goodrays has been featured in reputable publications such as Conde Nast, The Telegraph, Timeout, and Stylist. Their products can be found on Amazon and Selfridge's. Sustainability and accountability are at the core of their business, which is built by a team with a history of creating successful and influential brands.

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