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Evnly was created during the first Covid-19 lockdown when the realisation dawned that we need to actively seek better health in order to face the challenges of modern life. We strongly believe that plant-based remedies can help us overcome these challenges in a more natural way, by energising, nourishing, and calming our minds and bodies. However, as you may have noticed, everyone now wants to be a part of the plant-based health market. There's a wide range of options, a lot of hype, and many false promises. So where should customers start when looking for remedies that are actually worth it? That's why we established Evnly - a platform dedicated to natural health, offering carefully selected products. Our experts are currently categorising each product based on our unique 7-Stage evaluation system, so that customers have complete transparency about where the products come from, how they are made, and their sustainability. We seek verification from independent labs, genuine stories about their origin, and ethical makers. This way, we can provide the best plant-based remedies available, backed by both science and ethics, rather than just fancy labels. We believe that there is an opportunity to create a natural wellness brand that truly informs and guides people towards worthwhile investments in their health, because everyone deserves genuine health, not false promises. We will be launching our mission to achieve true wellness very soon, and we have the aim of making a positive impact. Come and join us on this journey. Click on the website link below and sign up to stay updated about our launch.

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