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Dunsdale Road, Selkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom, TD7 5DZ

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+44 1750 22200

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EV8 Life





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EV8Life.co.uk is a small team of dedicated individuals based in the Scottish Borders. They are proud to be the first company in Scotland to create handmade hemp, CBD, and cannabis-infused edibles and skincare products. All of their CBD products are made on-site to meet high standards. They strive to provide the very best CBD products to supplement your daily health routine. EV8Life offers discreet packaging and delivers to destinations across Europe, the UK & Eire, and other countries where permitted by law. Their range of CBD edibles is truly amazing. They offer CBD-infused hemp lollies, hot chocolate and mallow stirrers, chocolate bars with delicious toppings, gummies, and hard candy. In addition to their edibles, EV8Life also provides a variety of hemp CBD skincare products. These include body balm, lip balm, and body serum, perfect for giving your skin some extra care and pampering. And now, EV8Life has introduced a new range of hemp CBD beverages. These delicious hot and cold drinks are infused with CBD. Why not try one of their hemp CBD-infused beverages today? Their selection includes Futura 75 hemp tea bags, Hembis ground coffee, and chocolate and mallow stirrers. For all your hemp CBD needs, visit ev8life.co.uk today!

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