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Salford, England, United Kingdom

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Dr. Ed is a brand created by our resident Neuroscientist, with two main ideas in mind. The first is to make effective, natural remedies for common problems accessible to everyone. The second is that our products are developed based on the latest peer-reviewed cannabidiol research. Over the past year, our focus has been on producing top-notch CBD products of unmatched purity. We ensure consistency between batches and use traceable ingredients from the source to the bottle. With our new production facility opening in early 2019, you won't find a more dedicated, truthful, and knowledgeable CBD team in the UK. Being one of the leading CBD experts in the UK, we take pride in our world-class mixing and bottling rooms, which consistently deliver products of the highest purity. Our unique mixing method guarantees that the CBD concentration stated on our products is exactly what you get. We provide comprehensive lab reports for every batch we create, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about your health. To create the best final product, we only use the finest ingredients. Instead of using common European CBD made from plant stems, we opt for all-natural CBD directly from California. This CBD is made using the leaves and buds of carefully cultivated plants. That's why choosing Dr. Ed means choosing the best.

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