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97 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, England, United Kingdom, SK9 1PT

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DR CBD Rx has a special history. All their products were developed by Tom Chapman, a well-known British pharmacist who specializes in using plant extracts for medical purposes. He also holds a PHD in Chinese medicine. Their brand name, DR CBD Rx, represents their pharmaceutical background. They take great care in formulating their products to meet pharmaceutical standards, using Tom Chapman's expertise and dedication. They only use the best ingredients and ensure that all their products are tested and clearly labeled, indicating their strength levels and ingredients. This makes it easy for customers to choose the right product. DR CBD Rx believes that their products should be easy to understand and use, without unnecessary ingredients. They also believe in providing precise control over the dose, ensuring fast-acting effects. Their products are available in a spray format, which allows for accurate dosing of CBD oil. The oil is delivered in a fine mist under the tongue, ensuring quick absorption and fast-acting results. Combining Tom Chapman's expert knowledge, the quality ingredients used in the products, and the innovative spray system that gives users control over their dosage, DR CBD Rx believes that their CBD oil products are the best available.

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