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Knaphill, England, United Kingdom

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+44 14 8387 0170

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At Clever Botanics, they provide organic and, when possible, vegan CBD and Hemp products that are produced in an ethical manner and are of high quality. They have lab reports available online for every product they sell, which prove that they are legal for use in the UK and the rest of the EU. The journey into the world of CBD use in complementary healthcare begins with Clever Botanics, where they offer a range of premium hemp and CBD products designed to supplement your daily wellness routine. The main goal of Clever Botanics is to promote the benefits of using clean organic and, if possible, vegan cosmetic, health, and wellbeing products that can enhance your overall health and wellbeing. They believe that CBD and Hemp can be valuable additions to achieving this balance. Clever Botanics' core principle is total transparency in the supply of CBD and Hemp products. They ensure that every product is accompanied by complete and accurate lab reports, giving consumers the assurance that the products they purchase do not contain any misleading information about their composition or supposed health benefits. Why choose Clever Botanics? Because they source their CBD and hemp collections exclusively from reputable manufacturers such as KannaSwiss, CBDistillery, and Bhang Group. These manufacturers utilize state-of-the-art technology to carefully extract their full spectrum CBD. Furthermore, Clever Botanics' Hemp flowers are completely organic and have a third-party lab report stating that they contain approximately 10% CBD. Clever Botanics sets itself apart through its precise and targeted dosing of CBD during the bottling or capsulation process. This ensures that the end user receives the correct quantity of CBD per application or ingestion. This distinguishes their products from those found on the high street, which generally contain lower percentages of inferior quality CBD in order to be sold at very low prices. Unfortunately, this renders those products almost entirely ineffective.

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