Where Can I Find CIITECH : Cannabis Healthcare?

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2 Athenaeum Road, London, England, United Kingdom, N20 9AE

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+44 333 050 1603

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CIITECH : Cannabis Healthcare





Company Description

CiiTECH is a cannabis company that focuses on researching, developing, and selling new cannabis products for the global market. Their goal is to meet the needs of real patients and consumers by using scientific knowledge and insights. To achieve this, CiiTECH works with leading cannabis experts from around the world to create products based on solid research. They believe that innovation is crucial and so they reinvest in cannabis research. CiiTECH was established in 2017 with the aim of bringing the latest Israeli cannabis research and innovations to the global market, starting with the UK and Europe. They have conducted research with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and launched their flagship brand, Provacan, in the UK. This brand is known for its high-quality and reliable CBD products. CiiTECH continues to develop different brands using the latest cannabis technologies and following local regulations. They have brands like Provacan for customers seeking a trustworthy CBD brand supported by scientific research. They also have IMPACT Sports, which offers CBD supplements and topicals for athletes. Lastly, they have The HuGG Co., which provides CBD-infused cosmetic and self-care products for home and spa use. They are also working on other brands like PROPAWS, LABOTANIX, CANASLIM, and HANGOVER, which will be available soon.

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