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At Central Valley, their mission is to provide people with the finest quality, natural, and affordable CBD products, so they can lead a healthy, active, and confident life. All the products they offer undergo extensive laboratory testing to ensure their quality is top-notch, and their THC levels are well below the legal limit of 0.2%. In fact, their THC content is often undetectable in these tests. They take great care to ensure their products meet the highest standards, so customers can trust that their purchase is safe and reliable. The Central Valley team has explored different parts of the world in search of the best CBD products available. They source their CBD from southern California, using a bespoke and sustainable CO2 extraction method. This method preserves the CBD and terpenes to create high-quality CBD oils. Not only is their method better for customers, but it's also more environmentally friendly compared to cheaper alternatives. Thanks to their travels, they have brought back the best CBD products to Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

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