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CCPS - EAM, Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Services Division




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CCPS offers a range of services for Early Access Medicine Programs. They can help with everything from designing strategies and submitting applications to managing access and logistics. Their infrastructure in the USA and Europe, along with their depots in harder to reach areas, allows for global operations. The consultancy group at CCPS provides regulatory and market access advice on a global scale. With offices in the USA and Europe, they are knowledgeable about regulations and guidelines for product and device development, clinical trials, approval, and post-market activities. Their services include support throughout the product lifecycle, post-approval assistance, scientific and medical communications, clinical development, strategic product development and consulting, product portfolio evaluation, due diligence, market application preparation and submission, protocol design, and CRO support. CCPS Strategic Services Group has extensive experience in the supplement and nutraceuticals field, particularly in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry. They have helped shape regulations, conducted studies using cannabinoid products, and managed the legal and regulatory aspects of getting medical and scientific products approved. For more information, contact CCPS at CCPScontact@calcog.com.

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