Where Can I Find CBII CBD (part of H&H Group)?

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100 Cambridge Grove, London, England, United Kingdom, W6 0LE

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+44 179 337 4130

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CBII CBD (part of H&H Group)





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CBII CBD is a UK brand that is dedicated to improving people's health and happiness through natural health products and education. Since being acquired by the Hong Kong listed Health & Happiness Group in 2019, CBII CBD has become a valued part of the global H&H Group family of wellness brands. H&H Group is an international health and nutrition company that is committed to promoting wellness and making people healthier and happier. They have three different business segments - Baby, Adult, and Pet Nutrition and Care - that support the health and happiness of whole families. H&H Group's consumer brands, such as Swisse, Biostime, and Zesty Paws, offer scientifically-backed nutrition and wellness solutions. Headquartered in Hong Kong, H&H Group is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has over 3,400 team members working in 14 countries around the world. CBII CBD is proud to offer premium quality products that are made from natural ingredients and backed by scientific research. Our range includes CBD oils, capsules, gummies, candles, and skincare products. We make these products available through leading online and offline retailers globally. We believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, and our strategy supports pillars such as gender balance, cultural and religious diversity, different life stages, abilities, and identities. As part of our commitment to being an inclusive organization, we provide Cultural Awareness Training. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcome applications from people of all ages, nationalities, abilities, and cultures. This includes individuals from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the LGBTQI+ community, and those living with disabilities.

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