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100 Rose Crescent, Southport, England, United Kingdom, PR8 3SA

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+44 759 867 1271

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CBD UK Online uses the finest hemp cultivated by certified members of the European Industrial Hemp Association to provide customers with the highest quality CBD oil at affordable prices. Their strict quality control ensures that the oil is free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and additives. CBD UK Online employs a method called 'Super-critical CO2 Extraction' to extract the oil from the cannabis hemp plants, avoiding the use of solvents. This process helps retain more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes in their CBD oil, resulting in a rich, golden oil that is free from plant materials and has a superior taste compared to other oils. At CBD UK Online, they are committed to offering customers the best products at the best prices. The quality of their CBD oil is tested at multiple stages during production, ensuring the quality of each batch and guaranteeing the high CBD oil content you expect. As a full spectrum CBD oil extract, it contains a wider range of cannabinoids than many other products available. To ensure potency and cannabinoid content, all CBD products from CBD UK Online undergo third-party lab testing for every batch.

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