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Salford, England, United Kingdom

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+44 161 278 2449

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CBD Relieve Ltd





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CBD Relieve was founded in 2016. They researched the market extensively and had meetings and visits with experts and suppliers in the USA. They knew they had to introduce this product to the UK market. CBD was unknown in the UK at the time, so they launched their first product, a range of 100mg e-liquids with 5 flavours. The product was popular, so they increased the strength to 200mg and later introduced a 300mg option. They continued to grow and spent about a year developing new ranges. This led them to create oral tinctures where you drip the liquid under your tongue. They started with a strength of 500mg and added a 1000mg option due to its success. They recently introduced a 2500mg option as well. They received daily enquiries from people asking for a vape kit designed for non-vapers. This led them to launch their CBD Relieve Vape Kit and Pre-Filled Cartridge range. This kit is easy to use, as you just screw the cartridge onto the battery and start vaping. When the cartridge is empty, you throw it away and open a new one. Realizing that the UK market was bigger than expected, they expanded their product range. They launched Pure CBD Crystal Isolate and CBD Dog Drops. Their newest arrivals are 1g and 3g full spectrum, rich hemp oil, and they currently have 10 more products in development. CBD Relieve is now sold in over 200+ vape shops, wellness centres, and independent pharmacies in the UK. They also have customers in Europe and recently opened their first dedicated specialist CBD Relieve store in a prime shopping centre in St Helens. If you want to order, they can help you find your nearest stockist or you can order online.

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