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CBDO Ltd. has been serving thousands of satisfied customers since 2013. They take pride in offering 100% certified organic products, with full control over the entire manufacturing process from seed to finished product. By ensuring complete oversight, CBDO guarantees the highest quality products available on the market. CBDO sources their hemp from Slovenia, a country known for its excellent soil care standards and minimal pollution. In contrast to other manufacturers, who often obtain hemp from China or use leftovers from the hemp fibre industry, CBDO is committed to using only the finest organic hemp. While many companies rely on multiple links in a chain, CBDO stands out by managing every stage of production themselves. This eliminates the risk for consumers, as CBDO can provide full transparency and assurance in the manufacturing process. CBDO employs the safest yet most expensive method of CBD extraction. By subjecting the plant material to high pressure cooling using CO2, they are able to obtain CBD oil that is exceptionally pure and retains all of its medicinal qualities. All of CBDO's products undergo third-party lab testing, providing further reassurance to customers. CBDO understands the importance of customer care and offers reliable support before, during, and after the purchase. Their customer service team is readily available to answer any questions and provide detailed information about their products. For guaranteed product quality and comprehensive information about the production process, CBDO is the trusted choice for customers. Contact Information: CBDO Ltd. 272 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4JR Email: hello@cbdo.co.uk Phone: 0141 530 7547

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