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CBD: Coffee by Dan is set to become the UK's first and leading coffee chain, specialising in selling CBD-infused coffee products and treats, as well as regular coffee. Their main aim is to educate the public about the potential health benefits of CBD. Located in a prime spot in Central London, with plans to open a new store each year, CBD: Coffee by Dan aims to serve not just businesses, commuters, and tourists in the capital city, but also reach high-demand areas through their custom branded fleet of vehicles. They will move their mobile outlets to different locations based on customer needs and sales. By offering a unique coffee experience with their infused coffee and treats, alongside a focus on speed, convenience, and availability (made possible by their mobile fleet and physical stores), CBD: Coffee by Dan predicts revenue exceeding £1.35 million in the third year. This translates to a gross profit of £1,033,219 and a net profit of £122,759. The business is expected to break even in the fourth year. By the fifth year, in line with the anticipated annual UK growth rate of 5.4%, CBD: Coffee by Dan predicts sales revenue of over £1.9 million and a net profit of £424,000 across all their locations.

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